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Publisher: TOMAGameStudio

Developer: TOMAGameStudio

Release Date: 01-Sep-2023

Rating: 0 / 10

Genres: Shooter, Classics

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Get ready to fight giant Insects for the future of humanity! After the last human war, gases were spread through the atmosphere, making it unbreathable. The richest fled to orbital colonies and the others took refuge underground. You are a young hothead, hired by a team of scientists left on earth who are looking for a solution to bring humans back to the surface. Playable from 1 to 4 players (local co-op), Hexapoda is inspired by Arcade classics. - 3 Game Modes : Normal , Hard and Manic. - Unlock 3 Different endings, new features and new items. - 12 stages. - 4 futuristic combat aircrafts with their own style of shooting. - A bestiary composed of giant insects. - Unlock all the 30 achievements ! - Leaderboards for each game mode. Powered by an original epic soundtrack composed by the French band of electronic music: Double Dragon.

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